2 Natural Tips to Encourage Fertility

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Fertility is one of the biggest blessings to humankind. Our body is gifted with a magical structure to avail this happiness, and it’s really amazing if one gets successfully pregnant without any irregularities.

Unfortunately, this rhythm seems to be interrupted today. At present, many of us are facing the problem of infertility – an unpleasant feeling! Male and female infertility is largely evident globally due to many reasons. No doubts, we have some successful fertility treatments ever invented. But, all we need to do is to follow some preventive steps to overcome it.


Let’s understand how we can improve chances of fertility

To promote fertility, you should know the causes of infertility. Preventing yourself from these reasons can help you a lot.


Our body needs basic foundation to support pregnancy. In today’s stressful world, we may tempt to experiment our diet to control weight and overall physical appearance. It may often keep one strayed from necessary nutrients required by our body. With it, the hormone production cycle also gets interrupted, affecting one’s fertility. Eat well and optimize your chances of successfully conceiving.

Avoid processed/canned food. Consume enough protein, carbohydrates, essential fats. Drink enough water.

Vitamins that are good for fertility include Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, B-Vitamins, Zinc etc.


At present, the way we live is the biggest clue to an impaired fertility.

Below are the factors that can harm our reproductive system including:

Insufficient sleep – Good sleep contributes well enough to the production of hormones. Missing sleep can lead to the fluctuated levels of hormones and therefore the infertility issues.

Exposure to toxins – One may directly or indirectly get exposed to some toxins including chemicals used in cleaning and cosmetic products at home or outside. Be aware of it.

Stressful environment – Emotional fluctuations have strong prevalence of physical damage. Controlling the stress levels is the definite way out.

Side effects of medications – Some medications or drugs including steroids and anti-depressants may impair the hormone production. Consult your doctor for an advice on it.

Tobacco and alcohol consumption – Their excessive use can lead to an infertility and often miscarriage. Pregnant lady must be vigilant on it.

Enjoy a pleasant parenthood!