IVF Counseling


Counseling is the most important part of management at a fertility clinic. It is not just making the patient understand about various fertility treatment options but is also about offering the best information to facilitate them to make appropriate decisions; giving mental, emotional and psychological support and making the patient understand the therapeutic part of the whole program. Therefore, counseling needs all of the above mentioned factors.

About 15 to 20% of infertile couples need psychological help to cope with emotional stress induced by undergoing Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART). There are different concepts of infertility counseling but only a little is known about its psychological effects.

At Safal Fertility Foundation, we believe in the utmost importance of counseling. The patient requires a lot of patient hearing and thereafter they are ready to give their ear to long counseling, which in fact they need and appreciate very much. Highest standards of counseling are provided to the couple having different infertility problems and issues with the best guidance. Therefore, Safal provides the most suitable female and male fertility treatments with great success!