Cryopreservation process is a technique that will preserve / freeze the cells, whole tissues or elements by being cooled down to sub-zero temperatures; allowing high scales of survivability of cells. The damage to them that is more likely due with chemical or enzymatic reactions will therefore be kept away. In cryopreservation process, further steps that cause harm to the tissues are taken care, by not getting them affected by an ice formed at lower temperatures. The costs of cryopreservation in India are highly affordable.


New methods of cryopreservation process are also protected from toxicity that may be caused from many cryoprotectants. Cryogenic storage is mainly supposed to offer a long life to cells. Low sub-zero temperatures would rather mean 77 K or -196 °C (the boiling point of liquid nitrogen). Cryopreservation would preserve sperms, eggs, ovarian tissues, embryos etc. for future use. Freezing them at set temperatues follows latest technologies. Male infertility problems are resolved and fertility treatments succeeded.