5 Tips on How to Choose Your Right Fertility Clinic

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Various fertility treatments are highly successful today. The thousands of infertile couples globally take benefits of them and enjoy their lovely parenthood. At the same time, it’s important that the couples do the appropriate homework before choosing any fertility clinic. Research is important. It will surely be worth paying for the treatments as well as having the healthiest baby.


Here are 5 most useful tips to check before you choose your best fertility clinic:

1. Age of clinic and its success

Success is all about experience! For any clinic, its longer existence and satisfied patients would speak much about its accomplishments. A longer market presence would mean the best grip over the fertility technologies, industrial updates that can result in higher fertility treatment success rates.

2. Ethical advices

Genuine advice matters a lot because offering the fertility treatments is directly connected to the age limits, and for any doctor advising you for the right success rates of any treatment (considering for right you) is truly ethic.

Ask how much weightage your decisions will have during the treatments over what your doctors would have everything to advise. Ask your fertility doctor to provide you the equal rights for contributing to the thoughts/decisions to be taken during the treatments.

3. Advanced reproductive training and technology

Check on doctor’s intensive training in fertility and assisted reproductive techniques. It may include their advanced training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ultrasonography, In-vitro Fertility (IVF-ET) & Endoscopic surgery, Hysteroscopy, Embryology, Micromanipulation & Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis etc. Doctor’s membership as well as global exposure in Conferences, Workshops & Hands On Training Organized is also well considered to rank their services.

Make sure the clinic has a huge range of fertility technologies available. Any fertility clinic diagnosing a person with any type of infertility causes must be well versed with the specific clinical setup to treat that case. It means the hospital should be like an all-in-one-roof service provider.

4.Success rates of fertility centres

It will rather rely upon all above factors, more or less achieved by any clinic. Ask your doctor the success rates of infertility treatments performed at their clinic that must be on a consistent basis, not largely fluctuated.

5.Genuine cost estimation

The accomplishment of fertility treatments will cut off any additional costs that one may have to pay for another cycle led by a previous treatment failure. Ask your doctor about all expenses included in every single phase of the procedure you are undergoing. Ask if there may be any extra costs to be incurred due to any unwanted/unknown factors in future. It will help you maintain your budget and get your treatment timely done.


Try to combine all above tips to select your best fertility clinic. Openly talk to the doctor about any query. We, at Safal IVF Fertility Clinic in India, provide you with the most transparent and confidential consulting on fertility.

Contact us for any of your fertility treatment and the best of cost estimation.

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