IVF Clinic – Safal Fertility Foundation

The State-of-the-Art Medical Center – highly equipped with the most advanced technology and adequate resources within the excellent service standards.

SAFAL, the best IVF clinic India has a very well planned infrastructure which has two spacious floors and super ambience, keeping in mind the clients flowing in from all over India and abroad. Safal, a leading fertility treatment centre in Ahmedabad offers a team of highly experienced fertility specialists.

The extraordinary infrastructure at this ivf clinic is as follows:

Ground Floor:

1) Parking space for vehicles.

2) Beautiful Garden for uplifting the moods of infertile couple.

3) Waiting room with luxurious seating arrangements for patients, Collages of babies and happy couples who had success at Safal. There are displays of important accreditation certificates and awards of Dr. Kanthi Bansal at Safal.

4) Nursing station where patient are attended to initially when they arrive. A whole area is Air conditioned in view of giving comfortable environment.

5) Consulting room- This IVF clinic India has very spacious & different from the regular consulting room. The interior designing of the consulting room is done by Dr. Kanthi Bansal, one of the best ivf treatment specialists. The colour combination of the walls and the large glass window room from which the view of garden is available, once again giving very positive vibes to patients. Tables and chairs are designed in such a way that there is no obstruction between doctor and patients, the table is in L form with latest gadgets with PC & Laptop. The patient`s chairs are movable so that they can be at ease & maintain the distance as per their choice. There are two sofas in the consulting room where the relatives can be seated comfortably, so that during consultation all the members of family, interested in the treatment can be counseled together. Awards & certificates are also displayed herein.

6) Examination Room: Safal IVF clinic India does have a special room that is attached to the consulting room. This equips with 2D, 3D, 4D and colour Doppler sonography facilities along with the printer. The room also has special cupboards for keeping all required things for complete examinations. Here, we have wash basins and proper curtains to keep up privacy of patient.

7) The Second Consulting Room also has the latest gadgets, especially for cases with male factor infertility. It is equipped with the special examination room with table for patient. Dr. Mukesh Bansal at ivf clinic consults male patient for male factors. The room contains proper table and chairs where the patient can feel comfortable.

8) Consulting Room: A place where detailed history of the patient, which is helpful in understanding the condition of couples & in the treatment, is initially recorded by an assistant. This place is also supplied with Personal Computer, AC, printer and scanner.

9) Accountant Room: It has all necessary requirements for keeping up accounts & records of the hospital. Computers & printers are also available.

10) Storage Room: There is special space, designated for storing of hospital case papers and other necessary documents of the centre.

11) Staff Room: There is a special staff room for staff members to keep their personal items and for their lunch break.

12) General Laboratory: It contains a convenient table where patient can lie down for blood drawing blood and taking injections. There is provision for all essential equipments and Laboratory disposables.

13) Library: This is a feature which is very special for IVF clinic India. There is library consisting of both medical and nonmedical books. The patients are free to use facilities of this library.

14) Washroom: The cleanliness of any organization will be loud and clear by the maintenance of its bathroom. Safal is very proud that many patients have complimented for cleanliness and maintenance of bathroom. There are three washrooms with the facilities of Indian and Western type.

15) Pantry: There is huge pantry with facility of purified cold water for drinking and facility for making tea & coffee.

First Floor:

1) Waiting Room: Waiting room with luxurious resting arrangements with comfortable chairs and TV. The relatives of patient can wait and relax during the process in OT.

2) Special Room: There are special rooms of patient for recovery, nursing and rest. The room is furnished with luxurious facilities like AC and TV. There are extra beds for relatives of patient also. The room has attached bathroom which is clean and maintained properly.

There are three special rooms for the patients.

At this IVF clinic India, the other areas are separated into semi sterile and sterile areas.

Semi Sterile Area

3) Semen collection room: It facilitates the patients with AC and bed. This place is designed in such a way that the patient feels comfortable in the room. The privacy of the patient is maintained properly. It has an attached washroom. There are erotic books meant for patients experiencing difficulty in procuring semen. Facility of vibrator is also there for such patients.

4) Recovery room:
There is a recovery room for the patients with facilities of AC.
The room is provided with 2 beds and has proper privacy.
The patients are shifted in the recovery room for their nursing.

5) Doctors Room: This place is designed with proper planning. The doctors’ room contains 2 Sofa & a separate changing room for the doctors.

There is attached washroom also. It has also the facility for doctors to change the footwear. This footwear has to be changed before going to the complete sterile area.

6) Staff Room: There is a different changing room for Staff .It has facilities for keeping clothes and changing of footwear.

The Sterile Area

1) The Andrology Room
It’s well planned according to ICMR guidelines and is maintained properly. This is equipped with AC, Centrifuge, maklers counting chamber and Compound microscope with phase contrast.

There are special compartments for storage of required items related to andrology.

2) Oocyte Retrieval Room
It’s is also planned based on ICMR guidelines.
This room is also facilitated by AC, Table, Boyle’s chamber, troli, and monitor and with Oxygen & CO2 supply.
Nothing is stored here except things required in emergency condition.

3) Operation Theatre (OT)
The OT is also constructed according to ICMR guidelines.
The OT is also furnished with AC, table, monitor, Boyle’s chamber and with Oxygen & CO2 supply. Nothing is stored herein except things required in emergency condition.

4) Embryology Laboratory
The embryology room is well maintained with the sterile condition. The room is planned according to ICMR guidelines. The room is equipped with two carbon dioxide Incubators, Laminar chamber, Stereo-zoom microscope and Micromanipulator for assisted fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). There are separate areas in the laboratory for the storage of disposable items needed for embryology.

Safal IVF clinic India is indeed a leading fertility hospital that offers a variety of male and female infertility treatments at affordable prices!