IVF- A Unique Technology For Successful Fertility Management

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Infertility is a global issue and India is not an exception. There are several controversies in the treatment of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), especially when it is considered for Indian scenario. The argument that is given is that India has a population which is exploding and in few more years will be first in the list of the world population. So it is said that why such treatment of IVF which means making a baby (Embryo) outside of body and placing in body (uterus) should be done at all?

safal 2This argument seems to be without sympathy as there are people who have many children against some who have no child at all. So the equation cannot be same in both the situations. Even the infertile couple have the same & equal desire to have a baby and it is a human right which has to be nurtured and tackled. The question now is why IVF?

There are some cases of infertility like blockage of both tubes and severe male problems. In these cases the couple will not be able to conceive naturally. So IVF is boon to such infertile couples. Before the era of IVF, these infertile couples would never have a chance to enjoy all the stages of pregnancy, delivery, motherhood and parenting. There are some cases which are put in the bracket of unexplained infertility. Even these couples can now be benefited with IVF. The scenario now of fertility management by IVF is that every childless couple could get a chance to conceive by various methods available for treatment.

IVF is a state of Assisted Reproduction Technique (ART) where in most of the cases it is possible to give a genetic baby, meaning the gametes i.e. sperms and eggs are from husband and wife wishing to conceive. There is a myth among people that all cases of IVF are having some sort of gamete donation. In fact, in such need of third party reproduction, the concerned couples are counselled and consent is taken for doing, egg donation, embryo donation or surrogacy.

The clinicians always tries level best to give the couple their own genetic child and that is the reason so much of training, establishment , equipments and dedication is required whenever IVF is done.
To conclude, as human beings are mortals, the only way to continue the legacy will be by continuing the generations & the marathon of mankind can be continued. This marathon is possible only by IVF. IVF is a technique which is highly beneficial & assisting in creation of life.

Dr.Kanthi Bansal.


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