Safal Fertility Foundation, the Pioneering Organization of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IVF) at Ahmedabad

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IVF – In Vitro Fertilization and often known as the “Test Tube Baby” is the term that is mainly defined for a Successful Pregnancy, where the procedure is done outside the body & the embryo replaced in the womb. Assisted reproductive technology helps almost every childless couple; winning over infertility and shaping the huge opportunities to conceive a beautiful and healthy baby.


Safal Fertility Foundation – A Pioneer IVF Institute
Safal Fertility Foundation, a leading IVF center, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India). They are the pioneer in IVF treatment. Safal Hospital is regarded as the “First IVF Baby Producer” in Ahmedabad in the year of 1997. It was long back when such treatment was once believed to be an imagination, Safal just proved it at that time.

Safal has been successfully serving many infertile couples with the best treatment & solutions. In 2005, Safal also assisted to get an IVF baby to a single mother first time in India.

Safal IVF aims high at achieving 100% of assured work at the highest success rates at affordable prices.

IVF – The Process

Step 1
Base line sonography is done on day 2 of menses to know the ovarian reserve.

Step 2
Hormones are administered to the woman to stimulate ovaries, so that more than one egg is produced.

Step 3
After proper stimulation and sonographical observations, the matured eggs are retrieved from the ovaries.

Step 4
These mature eggs are then fertilized by sperms in the fully sterile laboratory. After incubation for about three days, it becomes an embryo which is under observation till it is ready for implantation.

Step 5
The best embryo is selected for implantation into woman’s womb. Sometimes, depending upon the condition, more than one embryo may also be transferred. This embryo/s gets implanted into the uterus as in the natural conception and gets successfully developed into a foetus & delivered.

Safal IVF makes it highly possible to deliver a healthy baby via this process.

About Doctors
Dr. Kanthi Bansal (MD., DGO. FICOG) is the Director at Safal Fertility Foundation and Bansal Hospital. She has been most powerfully exposed to medical skills including many intensive training, courses and conferences attended under “Assisted Reproductive Techniques” in India as well as abroad. She has been extensively trained in IVF, ART, Embryology, and Micromanipulation & Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis.

Dr. Mukesh Bansal (MD, FICA (USA)) is a scientific director at Safal IVF. He is the Chief Embryologist. His medical expertise includes the most advanced training, study and practical exposures into Embryology locally as well as internationally.

Safal IVF has a highly qualified team of medical experts. They are greatly experienced and trained in the best industrial methodology and world-class infrastructure management. Safal IVF is modern in technology, upgraded in medical treatments and equipments and passionate to deliver the most suitable fertility solutions to our respected clients.

“Success-Oriented Approach with Excellent Results” is what we firmly believe in!!!