Sperm Bank

Semen bank or often a sperm bank is a sperm donation facility. It’s a service that provides facility of collecting and storing human semen that usually are acquired from male partners and from sperm donors. This service is usually required by a woman with infertility problems from her partner. Great male infertility solution achieved. Sperms are inserted into a woman being called the process “Artificial Insemination” – that is rather meant a third party reproduction. This ensures successful fertility treatments.

There are many sperm banks in Ahmedabad, India that provides sperm donation facility at affordable prices. The pregnancy achieved through has no difference than a natural pregnancy obtained via sexual intercourse with the life partner.

In sperm donation facility, a sperm donor must meet particular requirements concerning the medical conditions and age groups. They are examined for physical diseases or any of the bodily abnormalities, STD (sexually transmitted diseases) and more. To check the efficacy of sperms donated, every donor has a “quarantine time” during which the sperms are collected and stored for at least six months. The donors are then rechecked for STDs ensuring that they don’t convey any risks of such disease produced during this period of time (while donation). Negative results will certainly lead to a successful initiation of fertility treatment.

Sperm banks would make sure many security checks and an amount of important steps required to provide the couples with a healthy baby. Banks offer details of sperm donors and possible criteria being preferred by service taker.

Really, a great help to childless couple AND the best male infertility and Female Infertility solution!