Thank you so much for helping me conceive. My treatment seemed to be impossible in Kenya (Africa). It is you made my dream come true. You are no less than a wonder in my life. Having a child is really amazing and you made it possible.

Ramila Patel(Kenya)

It’s so much pleasure writing to you. Thank you so much for giving me the world’s happiness, a child. I was infertile for my entire life and it was after my menopause that you helped me conceive. It was truly a wonder. You will always remain in our thoughts. Thanking you deeply.

Geeta Panchal

With your blessings and treatment, you have completed our family. I am blessed with twins and it gives me an immense pleasure to say that it is you, who has made this dream come true after a long time of 10 years of marriage.

Mrs. Sharla

You have really made my dreams come true. Even after so many treatments, I had no chances of conception. It was only you who blessed me with your treatment and I conceived. I had come all the way from USA and you made it a worthy one. Heartiest Thanks!

Mrs. Vishala Vyas

I am very thankful for your help and your treatment, which resulted in my conception after so many treatment trials. Thank you so much for everything and you will always remain in my life forever.

Mrs. Ishita Desai

Was counseled with true care; advised the most approaching treatment for something very disheartened, the worst fear – an infertility – it’s now all resolved with the techniques Safal has blessed me with in forms of my own beautiful child. Thanks a lot!

Mayank Patel