Transvaginal Ultrasound Sonography

The application of transvaginal ultrasound in the evaluation and assessment of the infertile couple is expanding each day. The transvaginal ultrasound picture depicts accurately the pelvic anatomy of the scanned area safely, quickly and reproducibly. The quality of depiction of the pelvic anatomy is dependent on the ultrasound equipment being used and the experience and proficiency of the person performing the scan.

It should be mandatory for the person performing the scan to know about the female endocrinology and be well versed with the causes and management of infertility, especially with the ovulation induction protocols.

There are no adverse biological effects of transvaginal ultrasound on the patient, on the oocytes or on the ultrasound operator.

Transvaginal ultrasound today is the modality of choice in evaluating male and female infertility as a first step investigation. Transvaginal ultrasonography is a technique used to test woman’s reproductive organs including uterus, cervix and ovaries.